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Office Locations

Burlington Office (Main)

  • Free parking available.

Hamilton Office

  • Paid parking in effect on Hunter Street and at Impark Parking (75 James St. S).


Burlington Office (Main):
600 Brant Street
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 2G9

Hamilton Office:
Main Floor, 1 Hunter Street East
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3W1

Contact Details

Tel: (905) 522-3570
Fax: (855) 522-7543

Our Team

Our award-winning team is ready to provide you with outstanding service.

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Office Parking

Burlington Office (Main)

Free off-street parking available in office parking lot alongside building.

Hamilton Office

Paid on-street parking is available in front of our office, in addition to the adjacent Impark parking lots. The closest Impark parking lot is located at 75 James Street South, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Z5. Alternative parking is available in the Impark parking lot at 44 Hughson Street South, Hamilton, ON M5A 1B4. Both locations can be found on most navigational apps, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze.

Embedded Google Map shows the CMT Hamilton office location at 1 Hunter Street East as a gold star. The on-street parking available is showcased in pink, and runs along the front of the building on Hunter Street East. The nearest Impark parking lot, located at 75 James Street South, is shown as a green “P” within a circle.