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Claystone Mortgage Team experts at ready to help you in a wide array of areas, from residential to commercial financing.

Trust an Award-Winning Team

Partner with the award-winning Claystone Mortgage Team with over 50 years of combined expertise, our licensed experts provide personalized mortgage guidance. Built on a foundation of integrity, we are proud to have earned the trust of our clients and partners through referrals. You can expect exceptional care and attention from us, as we only offer solutions that truly serve your best interests and bring maximum value and savings.

Our Services

Home Purchase

Whether you are looking to purchase a home for the first time or the fifth time, use our expertise to provide you with the best mortgage features and rates.

Business Owners

We specialize in assisting self-employed clients with mortgage purchasing and refinancing. Self-employed clients need specialized options and we deliver.

Separation Financing

If you are going through a separation or divorce we can help understand your options, we have been there too and created the Claystone Separation Team.

Alternative Solutions

While many of us may have experienced financial difficulties, mortgage financing can still be an option. We have mortgage solutions and are here to help.

Mortgage Refinance

There are many reasons you may want to tap into your home equity. We can help you convert equity into funds while meeting your financial goals.

First-time Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home can be an exciting, yet overwhelming, adventure. We help provide you with convenient mortgage solutions at the lowest rate.

Mortgage Renewals

Contact us in advance of your upcoming mortgage renewal to review your financing options and ensure that you are receiving the maximum savings.

Rental Properties

Whether you're a first-time investor or have a portfolio of properties, we have the knowledge and experience to secure financing for purchase or refinance.

Private Lending

We have access to many private lenders who are available to provide mortgage financing quickly and without extensive documentation.