Why A Broker

Why use a broker instead of your bank?

This is a question you may find yourself asking, and it’s a valid question that many Canadians have. As brokers and agents, we have many unique tools available to us that your bank may not. This results in a savings of time, energy, and most importantly, money. Let us show you the benefits and reasons why it benefits you to partner with the Claystone Mortgage Team.

Not every broker is created equally.

As with any professional service that you seek, you should do your homework and ask the right questions before deciding to engage with a person, team or business, especially when it is to arrange what is likely the largest financial debt you will have. The Claystone Mortgage Team are happy to explain ourselves and our services.

Things to Consider:

It doesn’t make sense to look at one lender provider when there are many options available in the market, each lender offering different rates and more importantly, different mortgage products and features.  

How could you otherwise way with confidence that you have the best mortgage product for you?

By working with our team, you will receive important information about the various mortgage products and features available in the market plus, you will be fully aware and knowledgeable about the entire mortgage process. 

Many clients are solely focused on rates, which is understandable because that is what we think is the right thing to focus on, low rates equals low payments and savings. 

What most people don’t realize are the many other underlying mortgage features that can prevent clients from having options and flexibility with their mortgage and can cause financial penalties that will greatly exceed a minimal rate difference between lenders.  Our team will review all aspects of such details and make sense of it all. 

Lenders have different policy guidelines that are unique to them, such as how child support is calculated, alimony, child tax benefits, rental income, employment income, dividend income not to mention how certain liabilities can be added or excluded such as company car payments, etc.  You may be going through a separation and do not yet have a signed agreement, some lenders will allow you to purchase a home and some will not.

As you can see there are many factors to consider and the Claystone Mortgage Team has the skills and credit experience that exceeds most in the industry, we will utilize this expertise and will understand where your application fits best.

Our focus is 100% on your mortgage application and ensuring your complete satisfaction. We do not offer any other products and services, we are arranging mortgages each day, every day.  This means you have our full time, care and attention.

We use the most advanced technology to provide our clients with the greatest level of convenience when partnering with us. We are confident that our team approach will exceed any past experience our clients have had ensuring they also feel like number one. 

Our continued business success depends completely on delivering the best possible service and care to our valued clients and referral partners.  We work by referral so you can trust that we are not ever too busy to partner with you and look for ways to save you money and provide exceptional service.